KLH-1 Series Feedback

Here's the information I do have:

The KLH-1's were made when Infinity took over KLH (they actually put out 4 models, the KLH-1, 2, 3, and 4.  The 1's were floor speakers, but the other 3 were all bookshelf speakers).  They were one of the first computer
designed speakers.  They're a 1.25cu. ft. sixth-order vented floor system
and came with a Bass Analog Computer that reconfigures incoming low
frequency signals to make them perfect for the human ear.

The cabinet is a handrubbed walnut veneer cabinet and each one houses 2
200mm(8") polyproplyene bass drivers with aluminum baskets, a 100mm(4") polyproplyene midrange, and a 25mm(1") soft dome tweeter.  Each bass driver is seperately boxed and ported.  The bass drivers are both long-throw dual-voicecoil drivers.  The tweeter is ferrule fluid cooled.  They're designed to be run off stands 10.5" off the floor and 3' from surrounding walls.

They're rated at 200W RMS maximum power.

I don't have part numbers (none are on the drivers), crossover information,
output specs (SNR, efficieny, and the like), or even who might still have
parts for these speakers.

I only have the one picture on hand (that I posted at the forum), but I'll
get a few more taken of the bass computer, back of the speaker, and close-ups of the drivers or whatever else you think might be helpful. :)

Jason aka Telki

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