Allison Reviews

Thanks to Howard Ferstler for this index of Allison reviews!

ESW. Stereo Review. October, 1979
ESW. High Fidelity. October, 1979

Allison One. Stereo Review. November, 1975
Allison One. High Fidelity. October, 1975
Allison One. Audio. April, 1976
Allison One. Fanfare, Nov/Dec, 1984
Allison One. BAS Speaker. July, 1975
Allison One and Three. Stereo. Spring, 1977
Allison Four. Stereo Review. June, 1978
Allison Four. Stereo. Spring, 1978
Allison Four. Consumer Reports. September, 1981
Allison Five. Hi-Fi Stereo Buyer's Guide, Sept., 1980
Allison Six. Stereo Review. June, 1981
Allison Six. La Nouvelle Rev. du Son (France). Nov, 1979
Allison Six. Stereoplay 72 (Italy). Anno VIII
Allison Six. Consumer Reports. May, 1982
Allison Seven. Stereo Review. January, 1983
Allison Nine. High Fidelity. March 1983

CD-6. High Fidelity. November, 1985
CD-6. Consumer Reports. September, 1988
CD-6. Hi-Fi Choice (England). June, 1989
CD-7. Consumer Reports. October, 1986
CD-6. Hi-Fi News & Record Review (England). Nov, 1989
CD-8. Stereo Review. May, 1985
CD-9. Hi-Fi News & Record Review (Eng). April, 1990
CD-9. Stereophile (J.G. Holt). October, 1985

AL-110 and AL-105. Consumer Reports. March, 1990
AL-115. Stereo Review. March, 1994. (Kentucky model)
AL-115. Consumer Reports. March, 1991
AL-120. Stereo Review. September, 1989
AL-120. Consumer Reports. October, 1990
AL-125. CD Review. September, 1989
AL-130. Speaker Builder. February, 1992
AL-130. Audio Ideas Guide (Canada). Winter, 1990

LC-110. Stereo Review. November, 1986
LC-120 and Allison Six. Consumer Reports. May, 1984

IC-20. High Fidelity. December, 1987
IC-20. Stereo Review. May, 1988

MS-205. Hi-Fi Choice (England), March, 1992
MS-200. Hi-Fi Choice (England). May, 1992

RDL F-1 and FS-1. Stereo Review. February, 1994
RA Labs Micro Monitor and Sub. Stereo Review, Nov, 1995

If God wanted us to go to concerts, He would have given us tickets.  AR circa 1980.