Comments on AR UK

Thanks to Alan Entwistle for the following comments on the AR UK operations!

"On the UK operations: I worked there from 1976 to 1978 as a production line supervisor.  Drivers were sent from the US. Crossovers and Cabinets were sourced locally. These were then assembled and tested.  The biggest model we made at that time was the 10pi. The company (known as Teledyne Acoustic Research) also sold AR turntables, amps and receivers.  We also made a small number of 8 inch drivers from parts sent from the US as a trial.  The facility had one reverberant and one anechoic chamber (at that time believed to be the largest in Europe).  They also held a franchise to sell TEAC tape recorders.  There was also a service department which repaired speakers, amps and tape recorders.  Unfortunately, they lost the TEAC franchise and I was made redundant.  The company closed down
shortly after that and I don't know what happened then."

If God wanted us to go to concerts, He would have given us tickets.  AR circa 1980.